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IPsec/SSL VPN no connection to OSPF sites

Hi guys,

I have my main FGT which has area and some other areas which are connected to other sites via OSPF.

When I am directly connected to a subnet which lies in area I can access everything, also I see that every route is propagated nicely. Now as I use OSPF I do not have any routes to the sites nor do I have policies with IP-ranges - just the regarding OSPF-interface tunnel with destination all.

Now my problem is when I connect via IPsec or SSL I cant see anything. I read already that you should do a static route to blackhole/ with the right ip-range and then redistribute static... I then saw the subnet on my branch-sites, but couldnt access them nonetheless. The policy was sourceintf SSL/IPsec - destintf Site1/2/3/xxx. sourceip the right IPsec or SSL range and destination all... I had the right network in the OSPF-network list, I had them as passive,...

What is it I am missing?




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