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LACP Between Fortigate HA A-A Cluster 620B and 800C



I have 2 Clusters (one of 620B and one of 800C), i need to configure and LACP between them, whats the best way to do this:


Do I have to create different groups for masters and slaves?

Is there any l2 switch needed to be involved in this configuration, or can i create a full mesh whitout it?

and if needed, what kind of config does that switch will need?


Thanks for your help.


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I am curious to see what solutions are suggested. I would probably put a layer 2 switch between the two clusters but I could see how going FortiGate to FortiGate may be best. I have honestly never tried though so I am here more to see the responses.


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does anyone knows or tried out something like this before?

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