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It works: Direct AON BiDi FTTH Fibre internet uplink with FortiGate

How to get AON single fiber (BiDi) FTTH/FTTx directly attached to a FortiGate without using any provider CPE?


We have a small office where the internet connection is provided as "Gigabit Fibre DSL*!!1" with the footnote "ADSL 500M down + 100M up over Gigabit Fibre".

The CPE that our ISP provided to us is an AVM Fritz!Box 5490 branded by the ISP and with partially locked configuration and notoriously insecure (TR-069) remote access.


After much guesswork and some research we figured that our ISP is most likely using IEEE Standard 1000Base-BX10. (1.25Gbps BiDi optic with 1490nm downstream and 1310nm upstream wavelength).

Fortinet does not sell BiDi transceivers, so we had to get one. We chose to get a programmable one in order to maximise compatibility from programming it with a "Default/Standard" profile.


Physical access works great with this transceiver. Our ISP uses PPPoE on the logical layer, which the FortiGate 100E is capable of doing at about 500Mbit/s symmetrically.


Some output of the live environment (obfuscated serial number):

higgs # get system interface transceiver port15
Interface port15 - SFP/SFP+ (1.3G)
Diagnostics : Unspecified
Vendor Name : FLEXOPTIX
Part No. : S.B1612.20.CLDL
Serial No. : xxxxxxxxxx
Measurement Unit Value High Alarm High Warning Low Warning Low Alarm
------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
Temperature (Celsius) 30.2 110.0 95.0 -42.0 -45.0
Voltage (Volts) 3.30 3.60 3.50 3.05 3.00
Tx Bias (mA) 17.48 80.00 70.00 3.00 2.00
Tx Power (dBm) -5.5 -1.0 -2.0 -9.0 -10.0
Rx Power (dBm) -7.3 -2.0 -3.0 -22.0 -23.0
++ : high alarm, + : high warning, - : low warning, -- : low alarm, ? : suspect.

higgs # get hardware nic port15
Description :FortiASIC NP6LITE Adapter
Driver Name :FortiASIC NP6LITE Driver
Board :100E
lif id :20
lif oid :84
netdev oid :84
tx group :0
Current_HWaddr e8:1c:ba:a2:59:0a
Permanent_HWaddr e8:1c:ba:a2:59:0a
========== Link Status ==========
Admin :up
netdev status :up
link_setting :1
speed_setting :10
duplex_setting :0
Speed :1000
Duplex :Full
link_status :Up
============ Counters ===========
Rx Pkts :160693754
Rx Bytes :160575712423
Tx Pkts :81286325
Tx Bytes :25220674095
Host Rx Pkts :159677862
Host Rx Bytes :6644528063
Host Tx Pkts :81349223
Host Tx Bytes :8055879662
Host Tx dropped :62828
FragTxCreate :0
FragTxOk :0
FragTxDrop :0
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Hi JPMfg,


Thats a very nice piece of work!


I'll be book marking this page for when FTTH finally reaches in my area (probably around 2060 I would think).


The tranceiver is pretty cheap really- amazing the prices for things like that. They used to be so expensive ever a few years back.


Good luck and enjoy that connection.


Kind Regards,





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