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Isolate ports in a hardware switch (FG100E on 6.4.9)

Hello all


We have a FG100E on 6.4.9 which has all its LAN-Ports (16) configured in a hardware switch.

It also offers DHCP for all the devices that are connected to one of those ports.


Is there a way to isolate the ports, so they don't "crosstalk", but only talk with the Switch/FG100E?

Or might this be possible with a fortiswitch?


Main reason:
We have no much control what is being attached to these ports and there are devices attached that run DHCP servers sometimes - they make quite a mess.

I was hoping by isolating the ports I can make them stop talking to each other and use the DHCP from the FG100E in any case or at least make sure the culprit is on its own not infuencing the others.


thanks a lot

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Your desire is self-conflicting. If you want to provide IP over DHCP from the same IP subnet on the same broadcast domain, like non-tagged network or VLANs, they needs to be NOT isolated. As soon as you "isolate" a port, that port wouldn't get DHCP IP from the same DHCP server configured on the FGT not only the "rogue DHCP server", which was introduced by a mistake.



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