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Is there a problem with FortiCloud right now?

Is there an issue with FortiCloud right now? Previously it was working fine. I could see all my devices and, by clicking on the little "remote Access" icon, I was able to get on the management interface on the device. However, since last Friday, I have not been able to remotely manage any device. ALso a number of the devices no longer have the remote management icon at all. I am able to manage the devices if I connect to them directly from the lan side.

In cloud, if I try to pull the config, the error I get is that the tunnel is down.



I’d suggest you open a ticket with Fortinet support to investigate further. Regards Admin

I'm not permitted to open a ticket as I'm using the free services. I don't have a maintenance contract right now.

This has not been a problem as the free service provides the services I need until recently. 


The problem appears to be resolved without any action on my part.