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Is there a non-LTE version of the FortiExtender?

For my internship, I'm looking into different options for connecting an office location to several other branches. I guess I'm looking for something similar to Sophos RED, but unfortunately that only works with Sophos firewalls.

All locations currently have Fortinet firewalls, I have considered setting up an IPsec tunnel, but I'd like to have some other options to present after my internship.

FortiExtender appears to do what I'm looking for, but there already is an internet connection at those locations so the LTE functionality isn't needed. Does the FortiExtender accept a wired network connection as an upstream? I've read that some FortiExtender models have a WAN port, could I use that port for that purpose?

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Why?  Why not just plug the internet connection directly into the FortiGate?  Or are you saying you don't have a firewall here?


Yes FortiExtender supports LTE/WWAN as well as standard WAN services like fiber, cable, DSL (RJ45 handoffs).


But as the other poster mentioned why? You have a FortiGate already (which likely also supports LTE USB Modems) so just set up IPSec tunnels on the FortiGate and use SDWAN if you have multiple WAN links on those FortiGates.