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Is it possible to use two different HTTPS server certificates for two Fortigate's in HA for HA mgmt

Hi, I have two Fortigate's in HA, with reserved management interfaces and HTTPS enabled on each.


Both Fortigate HA mgmt interface not sharing the same IP address,

Is it possible to configure separate HTTPS server certs for these interfaces? When I select the certificate to use on the primary firewall, the secondary firewall also uses it. When I select an admin server certificate on the secondary firewall, the primary firewall switches to use that one.


HTTPS server certificates will sync to each other cause another unit gui access not working properly, will show "warning and not secure" in the webpage


Is there an alternate way to select different the certificate ?




Is it possible for you test the behavior in 7.4? I remember seeing a similar issue reported due to the mgmt certificate sync and the fix is available from 7.4. I would suggest you to check this in a test setup before upgrading the production device.



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