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Is it possible to setup two aggreate group for same vlans on fortigate 100f?

Hi. I have fortigate 100f that is connected to 3x24 port switches. I would like tk create 3 lacp groups which have same vlan on all of them Port1-port2 - aggregate and vlan 1 Port3-port4 - aggregate and vlan 1 Port5-port6 - aggregate and vlan 1

Is it possible? I tried to create aggregate then a vlan. But i can not set the sane vlan on other aggregate

Howvyou do it vshare
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First, VLAN ID 1 is reserved on FortiOS.


Second, only way I can think of to share the same set of VLANs over those LAGs is a software switch. Just be aware that if you created LAGs in GUI, make sure you disabled "Create address object matching subnet" option. Otherwise, you can't see those LAGs as member options when you try to create a software switch.


Also be aware a software switch affects to its performance some degrees. We regularly avoid using it unless no other good options.



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