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Is it possible to have 2 Group type: firewall on Fortigate 100F for SSL-VPN?


I am trying to create 2 different Group type firewall on Fortigate 100F(because I do not have a Ldap server), so I would manage the permission of different user group.

But, only the users on the first created group work on SSL-VPN. The members of the second created group do not work.

This is the log for the test user testUser


Message meets Alert condition The following critical firewall event was detected: SSL VPN login fail. date=2021-08-25 time=11:58:54 devname=fw-firewall-02 devid=FG100FTK****** logid="0101039426" type="event" subtype="vpn" level="alert" vd="VDOM1" eventtime=1629885534646752680 tz="+0200" logdesc="SSL VPN login fail" action="ssl-login-fail" tunneltype="ssl-web" tunnelid=0 remip=179.84.*.* user="testUser" group="N/A" dst_host="N/A" reason="sslvpn_login_permission_denied" msg="SSL user failed to logged in"


Is it possible to have 2 Group type: firewall on Fortigate 100F that work on SSL-VPN?

Or I need a Ldap server?


Thank you





Not sure, if you have already found the answer for your query by this time.


However, like to share some inputs on the same.

If you are talking about two User Groups with Type:Firewall and wanting to use them in SSL VPN Settings "Authentication and Portal Mapping" with different SSL VPN Portals, then it is very much possible to do so.


You just need to call them in the "Authentication and Portal Mapping" as well as in the corresponding SSL VPN Policy in the Source Field.


Hope this helps.


Klint George

Klint George
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