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Is it possible to Upgrade 5.2X to 5.6.X FortiOS 60D?

Hi All,


Please let me know the right FortiOS upgrade for 5.2.4 (was released on 2014-06-13 and EORS support date 2017-06-13)

End of Engineering Support for Software (EOES): The date beyond which Fortinet no longer commits to provide engineering support for software.


Model: 60D

Built: 688


Could you please help me out to upgrade the stable  FortiOS version ?


Thanks in advance !!!




Warmest Regards, Sri Sre
Warmest Regards, Sri Sre



log in into Service&Support portal, Download>Firmware. The 3rd tab is 'Upgrade Path'.

It says

starting at 5.2.9, upgrade to 5.4.4 - 5.6.2 - 5.6.3


Unfortunately, the list of OS patches is incomplete. The upgrade path tool in is no longer available which is a pity.

FORTINET should fix that as soon as possible! What a silly idea to break a working tool.


Now, you have to step backwards through the Release Notes included in the respective download folders.

RN for 5.2.9 say it supports upgrade from 5.2.6.

RN for 5.2.6 say it supports upgrade from 5.2.4.


So, upgrade with these intermediate versions:

5.2.4 -> 5.2.6 - 5.2.9 - 5.4.4 - 5.6.2 - 5.6.3


Instead, you could also upgrade to the stable 5.4.8 after going to 5.4.4. Now you know how to determine which patch versions to upgrade to after 5.4.4...


Always back up your config before the first and after each upgrade. Do a text diff to see which parts were reconfigured. This way you can always downgrade (which will result in a config loss) and restore.



Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!



Thanks for your feedback regarding the upgrade paths.  The older paths are again available in the Cookbook at


For customers with current support contracts, upgrade paths from 5.2.9 can be found under "Upgrade Path" at




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