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IoS Device internet issue - 201F

Hi Guys,

I am using Fortigate 201F  version 7.0.3 with some Cisco access points connected (AC140 is the model type)

Wifi seems to only work when the iOS device is active, but when its just locked, it seems wifi doesn't work until I unlock the device again.

This issue has been happening with many of our sites and only on iOS devices. Even though the device is still connected to the Wifi, it only has connection when its active/unlocked.

The reason why I am only looking at the firewall as the issue is because this isse only occurred when Fortigate was installed, but with the previous firewall (Sophos XG 86) Issue was not there.

Please note, that I am not using any VPNs, so that could not be an issue.

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Have you tested with 6.4.9?

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