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Internal server error 500 and 400 error

Hi guys can you please help with this issue of errors

Problem Description -Firewall gives Internal Server Error 500 when we apply policies/rules. -When we refresh and try to apply again, it gives HTTP Error 400


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What do you mean GIVE HTTP Status Codes 500/400? Are you on a VIP ? Can you explain the topology. Unless your in a VIP or having a VIP ahead of the  server, I don't see how you can have a firewall generated a HTTP status-code


I would also think even with a VIP , the firewall will not generate a HTTP-status code


But let's start with the topology and firewall rules, so we have a clear ideal of what your doing or trying todo.





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Joshua, To do diagnostics, we need more info. Which FortiWeb feature? (Or by "firewall" did you mean FortiGate's HTTP proxy?) Is it HTP code 500 exactly or maybe 503? Did you configure FortiWeb's custom error page/attack actions? Did you enable a feature that requires Session Managemwnt? (Maybe you enabled Cookie Poisoning detection for example)? Did you keep your browser open on the protected web site while configuring FortiWeb? Could be what you are seeing is normal, a side effect of browser cache. But to be certain, we need more info.
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