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Internal network VPN to internal remote office



I am trying to setup my Fortigate 40F propperly to connect my laptop via VPN using Forticlient, to connect to a secondary network within my office.  We have 2 disparate networks in the same building for different functions, however I need to manage the second network from my office without having to always run to another floor to direclty access the servers on this 2nd network.  When setting up the fortigate I am getting confused on what to point each network to I guess.  Network one should be on the WAN side, then have network 2 I am trying to access via VPN on the Lan side, correct?


For network 2, I need then 2 IP's, one for the appliance and then one for the remote session when I access via VPN?


Sorry to ask basic questions, trying to figure this out as I go.


Thank You

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Your VPN connectivity is determined by whether or not you are using split tunnel or not. Are you?

You then need to consdier FW policies. You need FW policy allowing access from VPN Client interface (SSL.root) to whatever interfaces contain the resources you want to access.


Next up is routing. Your resources behind the FortiGate should be able to reach the remote VPN clients (This is ususally the case as FortiGate is generally the default gateway).

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