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Internal DNS over IPSEC

I have a FortiGate 60D v6.0.0 build 0076 (GA)


interface v31


I have DNS configured 

config system dns-server
    edit "v31"
    edit "OSPF"
    edit "ssl.root"

(These are all set to recursive not sure why it doesn't show up in the config)


config system dns-database

    edit "Townhouse"

        set domain ""

        set source-ip

        config dns-entry

            edit 1

                set hostname "CLP-325W"

                set ip




        set primary-name ""

        set contact "REMOVED"


    edit "haven2.local"

        set domain "haven2.local"

        set authoritative disable

        set forwarder "" 

        set source-ip




It works from the v31 interface, the ospf interface and the ssl interface. However, I have an IPSEC tunnel (In policy Mode) that I can not get the remote side to be able to use the dns server. The policy is wide open

config firewall policy

    edit 8

        set name "IPSEC to H2"

        set uuid c5b4e622-67a8-51e8-f7ef-f1a2eec092f6

        set srcintf "v31"

        set dstintf "wan1"

        set srcaddr "all"

        set dstaddr " [DMZ_H2]" " [INTERNAL_H2]"

        set action ipsec

        set schedule "always"

        set service "ALL"

        set logtraffic all

        set inbound enable

        set vpntunnel "h2"




Is there a way to allow the remote side ( and to be able to access the fortigate dns server on The remote side is set to forward however, even a simple nslookup on the remote side fails. I also can not use IPSEC in interface mode as the remote side does not support it. 

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Ended up converting the IPSEC tunnel to Interface mode. Added the interface to the dns-server list and now everything works. Not sure how to get it to work in policy mode as there is no interface to add to the dns-server config.


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