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Install wizard - policy package error

i am getting error while installing the policy, i checked Object Configurations> interface as well and there was


Vdom copy failed:
error 0 - invalid value

Copy objects for vdom root
"dynamic interface", "Inside", id=11408, INVALID MAPPING - (null)
"firewall central-snat-map", "1", id=12412, INVALID MAPPING - invalid value

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Hello @JD1 ,


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Hey JD1,

from the errors it looks like the interface 'Inside' is not mapped to anything on the FortiGate you're trying to install to.

I would assume the SNAT fails as well because an interface is not in place/configured properly, but without knowing the config details of the SNAT entry it's hard to say if that fails due to the 'Inside' interface, or for an unrelated reason.

Can you check the interface object 'Inside' in the Policy&Objects tab, and verify what interface it is mapped to on your FortiGate? That might provide some insight.

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that looks like if you are missing mappings:


dynamic interface called "inside"

central-snat-map profile #1


However  I cannot find those on my FMG here...


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Hi sw2090,


Were you able to sort out your issue?  I'm running into a similar issue where we don't have a "MGMT" interface on the Fortigate, in the Provisioning Template, or the Policy Package but it's throwing an error saying MGMT is an invalid mapping.

Edit: Sorted it out!  I had a Normalized Interface rule for MGMT which had a Per-Device mapping configured for the device.


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it was not my issue but the thread starter's ;)


yes you have because it is automatically created when you add the device to fmg (unless you uncheck the "create mappings for all unused interfaces" option.

However it should be correct then...


"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams