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Import IP address file

I have to block hundreds of IP addresses because of the flaw we all know.
However, I have a version of my fortigate 200D that is in 6.0, the latest version supported by my hardware.
When I import my file with the ips, there is no problem, I see it perfectly. Except that I can't, when I create a rule, find the famous import file to block the ips. Indeed, I have followed dozens of tutorials, but nothing works.
I would need a little help to explain me how to block the ips with my imported file.
Thank you for your help


Best regards
Best regards

Good evening,
Thank you very much for your work and your help, also by email.
eHopefully this topic will help some of you.
Good evening to you

Best regards
Best regards

Thank you for all the work you've put into the script, Ede :).

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