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IS there any Free malicious IP list in txt file format over HTTP on the internet?

Dear all,


I find an interesting KB to use a txt file as a Firewall address for policy control.


Using Dynamic Address Lists in Fortigate Firewalls using 6.2.+ – InfoSec Monkey


I wonder if there is any Free resource on the internet that can be applied to as well?



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I've setup several threat feeds on my FortiGates for both IP address and Category Threat Feeds under Security Fabric\External Connectors. Just do a YouTube search for "FortiGate Threat Feed" (minus the quotes) and several video examples pop up. The one I used was


The user in the video linked uses Cisco's Talos Intelligence's site that hosts several lists, but there are more out there for sure. My only tweak to this is to set your refresh rate higher since some of these listing sites will not like you checking in so frequently...i.e... no reason to check every couple of minutes when 120 or 240 minutes will do for example...they don't want someone constantly checking and hounding them as they themselves might view this as an attack of sorts. Also, not sure the ability of adding Threat Feeds was in fortiOS 6.2 (since you referenced that in your link provided), but I know it has been in 6.4 and newer.





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