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IPV6 VirtualIP

I have a new Fortigate 60D which I am running in NAT for IPV4 and NAT66 for IPV6. I have successfully tested IPV4 and IPV6 connection to the internet. I also have a IPV4 mail server set up with a virtual IP and corresponding IPV4 policy which work fine. However, the problem I am running into is trying to create a virtual IP for the IPV6 I did the following config firewall vip6 edit " Mail Server IPV6" set extip 2001:1890:1222:900::32 set mappedip fd03:cd22:4796:9a9d::32 next end This created a VirtualIP which i used in the ipv6 policy to mapped the services to the server the same as the ipv4 policy. However, no traffic is passing through this policy when connecting to the external ip. I am at a losss.
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Dear emnoc,

i'm using an /64 on my external network and another /64 on my DMZ. The ip 2804: 150: 11: 9e02 :: 8 is from DMZ.



emnoc wrote:

What do you mean /56 did you assign this on one interface? What's your topology?


e.g (using your debug )


2804: 150: 11: 9e00 :: 1 -> 2804: 150: 11: 9e02 :: 8: icmp6: neighbor sun: who has 2804: 150: 11: 9e02 :: 8 [class 0xc0]


That's telling a IPv6 ND lookup is taking place for ::8.



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