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IPSec VPN without static ip or DDNS?


first of all i would like to say, that i am new to fortinet products.

We have a small location with a Draytek firewall and a dsl line with dynamic ip address (changes every 24 hours)

We tried to set up a new ipsec vpn tunnel to our fortigate but we can not choose dynamic ip as remote gateway.

Is there a way to use dynamic ip or do they need a static ip or ddns service ?


Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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with dynamic IP, it is difficult to setup IPSec vpn with any device.  At least you should have one static IP to setup any kind of vpn or a valid host name on internet cloud. 

Anurag Goyal

Anurag Goyal
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If one end has a static IP address, then look into dialup VPN options. The dynamic end will 'phone home' to the static end and start communication.

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