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IPSec VPN Tunnel

Hi Everyone!


A Fortigate Dialup configuration was turn over to me. The setup is, our Site is connecting to our Head Office via IP Sec tunnel to access resources needed. Here is my problem, I am able to access the Head Office from Site, but I cannot access remote network from the Head Office. I checked the following:


1. Tunnel is UP

2. Static Route and Policy are properly configured


Can anyone help me on this or I missed out something.


Thank you!

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My first guess without seeing any config would be NAT on the policy, which would cause one way. Since one way works, routing issues are ruled out. Also since the turrnel (phase2) is up, it's not any IPsec config issue either.

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It actually could be return route but regardless we need basic "diag debug flow" and proper diagnostics to ensure the expected policy is matching, any error/warnings, and what in/egress interfaces


Ken Felix





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