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IPSEC and Synology

Hi all,


Since a few weeks I'm using FortiClient to connect to my home network. For this purpouse I'm using FWF50E with OS 5.6.0 on it. Everything is working fine exept for my Synology. I can ping, https etc to my Synology but for some stupid reason I can not WEBDAV te device. When I'm on my home network it's working fine but through VPN can not connect. Any idea where to search? The policy from Forticlinet to Synology is set to any any allow

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hi, It is possible to connect to the DSM, or network shares (CIFS)? Maybe firewall on Synology blocks access to WEBDAV from specific IP addresses? I guess. We use FGT60E (5.4) and Synology with DSM 6 and everything works fine trough IPSec and SSLVPN. I tested many apps and protocols (http, https, ftp, cloud, smb) but not webdav.

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