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IPSEC VPN with VRFs inside tunnel

Has anyone managed to get an IPSEC VPN tunnel between two fortigates across the internet working with multiple VRFs inside the one tunnel?

I'd like to have corporate and public in two seperate VRFs inside the one tunnel.

I have tried assigning VRFs to the interfaces that feed the corp and public traffic (e.g. port9 on VRF 9 for corp and port10 on VRF 10 for public) and then having the IPSEC tunnel on VRF 0, the tunnel comes up but traffic doesnt flow between ports9 and 10 and the far end and OSPF doesnt learn the remote VRFs.

I am trying to compare the Fortinet solution with Velocloud which offers SDWAN and also multiple VRFs across IPSEC.

Thanks, Richard 


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