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IP-SLA for BGP connection ?

Hello, I have a BGP link on my Fortigate. 

We recently had a case whereby the L3 link was still up even though the Internet was unavailable.

Therefore,I want to set up an SLA (pinging to to monitor that the Internet is up. If not, then I need to remove all BGP routes or shut down that link.

Is this going to be possible, or will the SLA only work with static routes ?


Thank you,

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If you are monitoring the WAN out one port and sharing BGP out another, you can use link-monitor to bring down the BGP interface using this:


If you are using SD-WAN you can also use an SLA health-check to remove routes or make them less desirable with a route-map-out and route-map-out-preferrable.


I hope this helps


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