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I wonder.. 60E to 61E with soldering iron...

Really like to 60E I've been using. Kind of sad to see FortiNets new direction regarding internal storage.. 

They used to include internal storage.. yes it was the same stuff used in give away USB drives and it died if you enabled logging.. 

So they "fixed" it.. they took it way as standard and came up with new model scheme where you pay extra for the added storage.


Oh.. in the process they also took away many advertised features:

-Local logging

-WAN acceleration (although this was a total joke with such limited CPU and RAM as they included with many models)

-Web Cache - kind of worked when tested.. 


But I digress.. 


On the new 60E I noticed a small panel with a screw.. hmm what's that.. remove cover and find....  the solder joints for where a M.2 SSD module would go. 

Cheep bastards couldn't even give us the bracket and let us add a drive. 

Anyone good with a iron and want to see if it would work? I don't quite have the funds to hang on the line.. but would like to know.


I'd also like to mention my rant again about removing local logging.. and point out the nice USB3 ports on the units.... if only they would enable logging to a USB device.. 


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51E / 5.4.2

61E / 5.4.2

80D / 5.4.2

90D / 5.2.10

100D / 5.2.10


Everywhere packet capture is in GUI, nothing hidden.


Those are all units with disks.






If you can find a way of using packet capture with 5.4 on those let me know.

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That's what I was asking, if it's related to disk. Seems to be.


Packet Capture requires a disk in the unit.

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