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I don't have access to the webpage

Hello everyone,

thanks to my new configuration I ping and !!

but I can't access the google web page....
I can't access any web page...

Can you help me please ?




I would recommend to collect debug flow and traffic sniffer while issue is reproduced:


Debug flow

diagnose debug flow show function-name enable
diagnose debug flow filter daddr <destination IP address>

diagnose debug flow trace start

diagnose debug enable



diagnose sniffer packet any 'host <destination IP address>' 6 0 a


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Can you exec ping or exec traceroute to verify if DNS resolve works?

Alternatively you can also add the DNS widget to your FortiGate WebUI Dashboard:



Hi To12,


I understand you are able to ping and, however could you confirm if you are pinging the IPs from the firewall or user machine?


If you are doing the successful pings from the firewall, could you please check:

+ If you are able to do the same from the user machine?

+ If you are not able to ping from the user machine, please check if policy is in place and if you have NAT enabled in the policy.

+ If you are able to ping from the user machine but not able to access the google webpage, could you please check what is the DNS configured on the user machines?

+ Is it public DNS or any private DNS from your network? <<< if it is public DNS, please try to remove all the UTM profiles if you have any in the policy and test.

+ If it is private DNS from your network, are you able to ping the DNS? Are you seeing the nslookup successfully happening for any domain in your user machine?


>> Please confirm the above!


Thank you!

Thallapelly Thrilok.