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How to setup multicast forwarding on 60C

Hi there I am trying to achieve the following: - on internal interface there are 2 PCs - a laptop connected via wireless. One of the PCs publishes a UDP multicast stream to the second PC can subscribe to the stream without issues (ok, same lan). the lan is the wifi is Now, I want to subscribe the stream from the laptop. multicast forwarding is enabeld and I have set a multicast policy from lan to wifi for destination for anything to allow and vice versa (wifi to lan). I can see the IGMP join messages via diag debug sniffer but still no multicast on the wifi. Any hints?
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Have you done any diag debug flow commands ? have you checked the ttl of the multicast sender? those would be my 2 first things to check?




PCNSE NSE StrongSwan
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Hi emnoc, thanks for the hint. Stupid me. Apparently there is a small bug in the VLC version I used for testing, the configured ttl is ignored. TTL was indeed 1. TTL changed to 2 and it works like a charm. Next issue: picture quality on wifi. Working on that now. :)

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