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How to set external web proxy as part of SD-WAN

Hi all ,

We have 2 internet connection (port1 and port2) and we can have access to internet through external proxy (education proxy, port 8080). 
What is the best way to use external proxy server (education proxy) as part of SD-WAN ? We can use only interfaces in SD-WAN but we would like to use the "webproxy-forward" as well.

Thank you!




If you are using external webproxy server in the client PC's then you could configure the sdwan rule with source as client subnet, destination as external webproxy server ip, Select a strategy and port1. port2 as outgoing interfaces. 

With this traffic to external webproxy server will be loadbalanced between port1 and port2.

If you are using fortigate itself as proxy server, then it depends on firmware running in fortigate, For Self-originating traffic with sdwan please refer

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Sorry, I didnt explain properly my question. We have 2 wan interfaces to Internet and separately aceess (different access to internet through education local network but only through proxy).

I could say we have 3 ways to access internet : 2 direct wans and one through proxy. 

We configured one FG interface to connect to squid box (squid box has proxy with education parent proxy), and this interface works as part of SD-WAN fine. We would like to use only FG (dont use external squid box at all).

Thank you.


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