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How to read logs from Fortianalyser without actually having a Fortianalyser

Hello, I have an issue, my support team gave me raw logs retrieved from a Fortianalyser. The problem is i can read the logs when i upload them on fortianalyser but not at home. How can i read these logs ? Is is possible without Fortianalyser ? I have tried with notepad but contents are encrypted. Is there any way i can do this ? If i configure a syslog server for example ? Your suggestions are most welcome :)
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If it were me I would look into having the FortiAnalyzer store the logs in a remote MySQL database then I would be able to copy the MySQL database or export the result of queries...
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Have you tried installing a FAZ VM trial on your PC (either vmware player or hyperV) and just importing the logs there? Remember you get a free 14day trial license each time you load a VM up :)
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