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How to push FortiClient from FortiClientEMS to Mac machines?

We have a few Mac users, but no Mac experts.


What settings need to be adjusted on a Mac machine to permit remote installation? Ie, what are the equivalents to Windows Firewall, Remote Registry, and Task Scheduler, and what TCP/UDP ports need to be open from EMS to a Mac machine?

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Which EMS version are you running? I know you couldn't push a Mac install with 1.0. There are lots of improvements in 1.2 but I had to back out the upgrade so can't confirm.


We are running EMS version 1.2.


to my knowledge, this cant be done.  we tried but it didnt work.  The Macs on our network are not joined to the domain; they just use domain credentials to access network drives.  I think the first problem was that we would need to know the user credentials. icloud/admin level.  The 2nd problem has to do with the way Apple handles remote installation  / 3rd party software installation.  Its just easier to send the end user a link to download, and then they inherit all of the settings via EMS server.  Once they install Forticlient, we see it show up on the list in EMS and we put their machines in a group for OSX users.  Assign a profile and done.   This is the way we rolled it out to about 6 mac mini and macbooks.   pretty easy.

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