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How to obtain atest Antivirus and Anti-spyware updates into Fortinet 30E



I have a Fortinet 30E who's Anti-Virus, Spyware definitions have expired in 2020.    I am trying to find the correct product to get the latest Anti-Virus, spyware definitions into the Fortinet.   No-one at Fortinet is able to give me a straight answer.  They want me to buy the Multi-year support package which is more than the cost of the router.  I saw this on Amazon.  Manufacturer Part # Manufacturer Part: FC-10-0030E-247-02-12 which is $96. 

Will this get my router to the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware definitions? 




Yes, it will. The "247" is the UTM full package, comprising AV, IPS, AppControl, AS, W+VF plus FortiCare (hw replacement and firmware upgrades).

You could economize a bit by getting the AMP package which does not cover the (expensive) web and video filter service (WF).


Seeing that the 30E is old, was quite a weak performer then and today, and is stuck on 6.x firmware (no further releases), I would really consider selling it in the bay and getting an F series model. The 40F is quite decent in comparison. YMMV of course.


BTW, never heard of "anti-spyware" protection. Maybe "anti-SPAM"?

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Thank you SO much for the reply.   This is exactly the information I have been looking for months but was unable to get.   Two quick followup questions. 


(1) I saw Amazon has the 40F for $204 - do you know by any chance if that includes1 year of Anti-SPAM, Antivirus protection or does that have to be bough separately?   I would be surprised if at $204 it includes protection and if not, which product # would I need to buy for 1 year protection. 

(2) I have had some very unique configurations for work on our 30E and have saved the settings in a setting file.   Fortinet said in order to import those same settings in 40F, I would need to get some sort of subscription for a Fortinet Converter.  Do you know what this entails?  


Thank you again!




ad 1.

that price looks incredible low to me. No way there's any support contract included with this. Note that at least you need a FortiCare contract, for firmware updates and hardware replacement.


AFAIK the (full) UTM contract has a MSRP of 75% of the hardware MSRP per year. Cost is linear with duration, ie. a 3-year contract is 3x the price of the 1-year contract.


I would look out for a local FTNT partner who can quote you these contracts. Have a look at the AMP contract if you want to economize.


Some SKUs to ask for:

40F hardware + UTM bundle, 1 yr FG-40F-BDL-950-12

FortiCare Premium, 1yr FC-10-0040F-247-02-12

UTM, 1yr FC-10-0040F-950-02-DD

(Unified Threat Protection (UTP)= (IPS, Advanced Malware Protection, Application Control, URL, DNS & Video Filtering, Antispam Service, and FortiCare Premium))

Advanced Threat Protection, 1yr (IPS, Advanced Malware Protection Service, Application Control, and FortiCare Premium) FC-10-0040F-928-02-12

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), 1 yr including Antivirus, Mobile Malware and FortiGate Cloud Sandbox Service FC-10-0040F-100-02-DD


prices: UTP > ATP > AMP > FC


Please note that I was in error with my comment on the "247" service you mentioned. That is only FortiCare, no AV or anything else included.



ad 2.

Yes, you could use the FortiConverter service, with a onetime fee. IMHO nobody does that on the smallest FGT on the market. You can modify the 30E config file so that the 40F will take it, maybe with some minor edits. For this, it is mandatory that the config file is not encrypted - if so, it would be binary and thus not editable.

Better save that money and put it into services...

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
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Again, thank you immensely for your detailed responses. 


So which SKU / product do I order for the 30E that includes the Anti-SPAM, Anti-virus latest updates?   Also I am not sure what the difference is between Forticare and the Anti-SPAM, Antivirus. 





FortiCare: this is a basic license allowing you to obtain firmware updates, and hardware replacement in case of failure, and web support via tickets.

IMHO this is a must-have.


AV and AS: these are signature subscriptions. The FGT will periodically request signature updates to its databases to keep the protection up-to-date. There are more updates connected to the AV license, like a blacklist of known Botnet C&C servers.

Me personally am not totally fond of AS though, I think anti-SPAM needs to be done on the mailserver. But to each their own.

Subscription bundles include FortiCare, as far as I know, check with your reseller.


For the 30E:

FortiCare: FC-10-0030E-247-02-12, "FortiCare Premium Support", ~120 US-$

where "12" is the duration in months. As the FG-30E is about to be discontinued (end of sales already), the only available duration is 12 months.


AV, no AS: FC-10-0030E-100-02-12, called "AMP" bundle, ~ 120 US-$

AV plus AS*: FC-10-0030E-950-02-12, called "UTP" bundle, ~420 US-$


Prices as a guideline only, they vary by continent and reseller.

* the UTP bundle is the least expensive bundle comprising AS. It includes AV, cloud sandbox, IPS, AppControl, Webfilter. So a bit of an overkill, your choice.


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