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How to know ISP drops



Is there a way to know when any Internet connecion stopped working with the default settings?

Can I do anything to know this?

I have FortiOS 6.2.2 in this Fortigate 60E, there is one SD-WAN with 1 performance sla for each wan, I can see if the wan is up or down in real time but I dont know how to check the history





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Good question. In addition to keeping history of the ISP outage, I would like to know how to receive a notification when this happens. Does anyone know how this can be accomplished?


this might require FAZ under event trigger.

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In FortiCloud, FortiGate Cloud GLOBAL, there is an option under Analysis / Event Management, to turn of a notification for Interface Down. Would this notify if the ISP was down?


The problem with interface down is there is rarely a situation where that happens. Normally the interface is up, indication just a physical connection, but the traffic doesn't get out. Interface down doesn't help in that scenario.


If you setup a link monitor you could accomplish this. If you are already using SDWAN you should have determined a link monitor anyways, in which case you simply need to create an Automation Stitch.. if you aren't using SDWAN already you can manually create a link monitor.


config system link-monitor

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set srcintf wan1

set server  -- or whatever it is you want to use to determine an outage

set update-static-route disable  -- disable if you only have 1 WAN, enable is used to failover to secondary



This will allow you to generate a log entry when the targets defined in the server part are unreachable. You can then create an automation stitch(under Security Fabric > Automation) to email you when this event is triggered. Though, obviously you would only get the email after the fact if you don't have a secondary line.




Do you know which event we need to monitor?


I am showing 3 possibilities


interface link status change <-- i dont think this one applies as we are not shutting down the interface


link monitor sla information


and link monitor status.  <-- I assume this is the entry that I am monitoring.

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Thanks brycemd for your answer this seems useful, I need more time to test this



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