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How to implement Stealth Rule equivalent



   I would like to implement stealth rule in FortiGate Firewall without affecting VPN, HA services and others.

I have 2 administrators that I want to allow to have ICMP,  SSH and HTTPS services to Firewall and all others is denied.

How can I safely make a rule in local-in-policy without affecting other services such as VPN.


Thank you.


As you probably already know the parameters you can specify in local-in-policy are

 - interface

 - source address

 - destination address

 - service

 - schedule

If the services are not unique for what those privileged users need to be able to do, you have to tweak other parameters like src/dest addresses. It's not so easy. 

Instead I would recommend separating them by VPN groups and set different firewall policies. They need to logon the VPN first then they can have special privileges.


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