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How to correctly configure individual access to cluster Unit with Out of band interface

we have a 300E a-p cluster in 5.6.4. we're triying to configure access to cluster through a Virtual IP address and both individual IP of each cluster unit.

  • the management subnet is
  • the switch IP which the 3 ports are connected (mgmt,port2(unit1) port2(unit2))  is
  • we reserved the IP for "mgmt" port for the access to the cluster.
  • we reserved port2 for dedicated access for each unit with IP ( unit 1) and for unit 2.[/ul]

    in config sys ha,  we've enabled the option  "management interface reservation" and set the default gateway to (the IP of the mgmt port). IN CLI (extract from full config) set ha-mgmt-status enable     config ha-mgmt-interfaces         edit 1             set interface "port2"             set dst             set gateway             set gateway6 ::         next     end we are unable to access the second unit, only the master O.o  is it a correct way to configure an individual cluster unit access?

    i've followed the online help but the didn't specify what the default gateway refered to....


    here the procedure:

    thanks in advance for any help.   Phi.

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