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How can I disable Fortiguard on my home network?

I can say I'm pretty inexperienced with routers so please bear with me but I got a VDSL Globalnet subscription which includes a G-antivirus or something but for some reason it blocks a lot of websites giving me an error saying "disable Fortinet web filtering" or "Fortiguard recognizes this element as hazardous" and things like that but I don't have the Fortinet nor Fortiguard antivirus installed so I figured it's got to do with the router or network host
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Hi sipos,


Fortiguard is package of protection features that run on a Fortigate router made by Foritnet.


It sounds like your Globalnet subscriptions includes the Fortigate which connects to the VDSL connection and includes Fortiguard services. That's good news- its likely you are very secure and protected from a whole raft of internet risks.


The bad news is that unless you have adminsitration rights on the Fortigate router you will not be able to turn those security features off.


You may be cable contact Globalnet and request they change the Fortigate policies- but I suspect they will be reluctant to do that for indiviudal users (its easier for them to maintain a policy set which works for all users).


I hope that helps a little.


Kind Regards,

Andy Bailey, Christchurch, New Zealand
Andy Bailey, Christchurch, New Zealand
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