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Help Configuring IPSec VPN Remore Access on Vdom without Wan connection


We have a topology similar to the one described by this article:

Technical Tip: Configuring IPSec VPN tunnels on VD... - Fortinet Community


but instead of a Fortigate on Site B, we need to establish a VPN from a FortiClient connected to the wan link (root vdom).

What configuration shall we use for this case? Is it even feasible?

Additionally from the example post we are not sure where the ip address is defined (is it the wan interface on site B?) In that case, why is it configured as a remote gw in vdom1?

Thank you in advance!




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Just to clarify the question regarding ip address, as per below, in the article the VIP mapping used in the incoming policy in root Vdom uses as the external ip, shouldn't it be the ip address of root Vdom wan1 interface? seems to be the IP of the remote site B as per the rest of the configuration


#config firewall vip
edit " VIP-"
set extip
set extintf "wan1"
set mappedip ""