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Hashes of VPN, Certificates, WiFi Secret change with every show

Hey Guys,

I noticed a weird behavior on the latest 5.4.5 firmware.

If I enter a command like

show vpn ipsec phase1-interface <name>
the PSK hash always changes with every execution of the command. Also If I make two configuration backups a few seconds within each other and make a diff, the hashes of the PSK and certificates and many more are different. Why is this happening and could this be a serious problem? 

On for example 5.2.11 they hashes always stay the same, like I'm used to, but not with 5.4.5.

Can someone explain this behavior to me, did something change internally on how these hashes are calculated?

Many thanks!

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I can see the same behavior in fortios 5.6.1.

At least for my running system I cant see any issues with that, but what happens if we load an older config with one of that hashes?





NSE 4/5/7

NSE 4/5/7

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