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Hash vaule & pubic ips needs to blocked - 10000 public IPs

Dear Sir,


we have to block pubic ips along with the hash value on the FortiGate firewall, I am not able to understand how to block it, I have gone through FortiGate doc and got a few docs but I am not getting how to do it.


Fortinet - Security Fabric Connector  ---> IPs and malware settings.


I need your valuable support for this because I got a security advisory to close all the public ips ASAP.


Under security fabric connector there is one option - URI of external resource

I am attaching a snapshot which I have highlighted to that option as well, please look and provide a solution.

security connectors.JPG

can any guide me how to do it.







Hi Umesh,

If I got it correctly then you have some list of prohibited IPs where users from behind your FortiGate (FGT hereinafter) firewall are supposed to be unable to connect, right ?


If that list can be fed to FGT from external source then simply click on the (?) in top-right corner of FGT GUI to get to online documentation related to config section in which you are.
Alternatively, there is documentation for external thread feeds: 



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