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HELP - Migrating from Meraki to Fortinet

I am tired of Meraki's Prices and the service they offer.

With a Head Office, DR site and 15 Retail Branches, my company operates its ERP in a star topology with core operations being centralized and dependent on SD-WAN.

Currently, at head office and DR, we are using MX100, MS350 and MS225 with the branches using MX84 and MS225

I am looking at moving to fortinet with HO using 100F (maybe 200F if the cost isn't too bad) FW, 448E SW and I am still looking at 10GbE aggr switches for the TOR backplane. For the retail stores, I am looking at the 60F FW and 148F SW.

My main question is, do you think the 60F would be suffice for 30 concurrent users in a retail store with about 50 guest users (customers) being traffic shaped? note that the APs I'm looking at are the 431F. from the product sheet, the 80F looks really nice but licenses is almost double to cost of the 60F

Any advise would be appreciated.

omegle xender


For the retail branches with approximately 30 concurrent users and 50 guest users, the FortiGate 60F should be capable of handling the traffic. However, it's important to consider other factors such as the expected network usage, the types of applications or services running, and any potential future growth. If you anticipate a significant increase in user traffic or the need for additional features, it may be worth considering the FortiGate 80F despite the higher license cost.


To ensure accurate sizing and proper feature coverage for your network, I recommend reaching out to a Fortinet point of sales/ Fortinet Partner. They can review your specific requirements in detail, analyze the expected network traffic, and provide guidance on the appropriate Fortinet devices and licensing options for your environment.

Keep in mind that network requirements can vary, and it's essential to have a thorough understanding of your organization's needs and growth projections to make an informed decision.

Shilpa C.P


If you can afford it, go ahead to 80F. Most of our retail customers can't afford that for each retail store including UTM/UTP cost every year so we're planning migrating more than 100 location customers from 60Es to 40Fs since 60Es will be EOS in a couple of years. One of them was originally migrated from Meraki MXs. It was a time consuming task to migrate all those L3 FW policies to FGT ones.

Their HQs are 100Fs already because HQ installation happened relatively recently. We have separate IPsec concentrators to serve all customers in our cloud though.




Your VAR/reseller should be able to help you with all of this.  

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The FortiGate 60F should be sufficient for 30 concurrent users in a retail store with 50 guest users being traffic shaped.


Thank you.

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