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HA and Remote Link Failover

Hi All,   Running an active passive Fortigate cluster and OS 5.4.8 - -we need to have remote link failover working so that if a ping target cannot be reached x times then the cluster fails over. We cannot make any sense of the results, when the ping target fails the cluster takes several minutes to failover and this has no relation to our timers. Has any one else seen strange results like this? Is anyone else running it with good predictable and reliable results? If so in which firmware version. The config for HA and link-monitor is below:   config system ha     set group-name "xxxxxxx"     set mode a-p     set password ENC xxxxxxx     set hbdev "port1" 100 "port2" 50     set ha-mgmt-status enable     set ha-mgmt-interface "mgmt1"     set ha-mgmt-interface-gateway     set override enable     set priority 200     set monitor "port16" "port40"     set pingserver-monitor-interface "port20"     set pingserver-failover-threshold 5     config system link-monitor     edit "HA_Ping_Failover"         set srcintf "port20"         set server ""         set interval 3         set timeout 3         set failtime 3         set recoverytime 3         set ha-priority 10   Any feedback appreciated.   Thanks, Moby.

Hi Toshi,


I already have a TAC case open. Fortinet reproduced the problem and the ticket is in the status "Pend Bug Fix"


Thanks, Moby.


That's good. Then you should request TAC 1) bug ID, and 2) what version would include the bug fix. It might not be in the next release. They would update you through the TT when the info is available.

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