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HA Active Passive Question: Does licensing need to match?

We are looking at buying a 2nd unit to act as an HA device either in Active-Passive mode or as a cold spare. 


I would prefer the HA-Active-Passive scenario, and I understand that Firmware and config need to match..however, I was wondering if the licensing (e.g. Webfilter, AV, etc..) need to match as well?


I understand that *if* this worked, it would mean that my policies and routing would all work, but my Next-Gen-FW capabilities would NOT work as I wouldn't have the passive one licensed. In this scenario, in case of failover, I'd have to follow the cold-spare process to get the license switched over after the fact.


Any info that can be provided is appreciated. Thanks



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I have faced an issue which is similar to your question. 


It is necessary to get an matching license for the Secondary Firewall. License won't get switched over!


The subscription time may vary to each other!

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