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HA A-P configuration in FortiGate with multiple VDOMS

Hello, guys. We are having a fortigate in production with 2 vdoms and we want to configure high availability. I have never done this before, gone through the cookbook but it still not very clear.

Is there something peculiar about HA with multiple VDOMS?? Or it's the normal configuration. Please clarify me.

VidMate Mobdro
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Nothing really as long as all vdoms on the primary unit is primary, and all vdoms on the secondary unit is secondary. When you debug it, use "get sys ha status" to see the syncing status and use "diag sys ha check cluster" commands if they don't sync up as in the KB.




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Problem Description:-
HA A-P configuration in FortiGate with multiple VDOMS


The HA configure with multiple VDOM is same as you configure in non-VDOM state
Please find the below article on how to configure HA


With multiple VDOM there is a concept of VDOM partitioning
Please go through the link below for your reference


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Salon Raj Joshi
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