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Google suites Google Workspace keep disconnect me

I have FortiGate 61E and we use Google suites Google Workspace for our office email, chat, etc. 

We have wired issue that the Google Gmail, chat, etc. keep disconnect the users and they cant connect again, during that time all other sites will open with no issues! only Google work place including Gmail will stop working with the following error 


 error massage.jpeg


We disabled all the UTM (WEB DNS SSL, IPS, etc. ) with no luck 

We replaced the FortiGate with new one that dose not have UTM licenses with no luck.

We replaced the switch as will 

We are using the FortiGuard DNS server, and we changed the DNS to and with no luck 

its randomly happening 


if we did not do anything will resolve itself within few min 


Any suggestion 


Really need more information here.  Are you using any AD/user based rules?  Disabled Layer7 inspection features how?  Making a new policy?  Anything of suspect in the logs for this host?  Is there any host-level web filtering software?  

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Hi friends...

Do you find any solution???

I have the same problem

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Same Problem here. Has anyone found a solution?



I understand you're facing issue with Google Workspace, to check further please provide below details:


1.Did you tried with different browser?
2. May I know the firmware version if FortiGate?
3. Was it working earlier?
4. Are you RST packet in logs or packet capture?
5. Is it disconnecting the user after a specific time or randomly?


Best Regards,

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Users, including myself, are facing intermittent disconnections from Gmail and chat services, as highlighted by the error message attached (error message.jpeg). Despite diligent efforts to troubleshoot, such as disabling all UTM features, replacing the FortiGate hardware, and switching heliocare DNS servers, but failed. 

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Additional details are essential here. Are you employing any Active Directory or user-based rules? Could you elaborate on how you disabled Layer7 inspection features? Consider creating a new policy. Check the logs for any suspicious activities related to this host. Is there any web filtering software at the host level that might be influencing the situation for my site inshot apps?


Since the issue happens and stays for few minutes. Your best option is to place captures on the endpoint having the issue and on the FortiGate firewall. Check out the followings:

1) is there any issue at TCP level 

2) Any packet drop that you can spot from the captures. 

3) Any decryption device at the network level or the endpoint level


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Perform connectivity tests from your network to Google's servers to determine if there are any latency issues or packet loss affecting the connection. Use tools like ping, traceroute, or network monitoring software to diagnose any network issues. Apart from this, follow the updated bk menu price list and enjoy your favorite meals.


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