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Getting a greymarket 60F, how bad can it get?

I'm looking to get my forti-FU strong, and need something with fortilink support to integrate to my Dell os10 switch environment.

I was offered a surplus 60F in 350$, sealed in box new.... But probably no license or warranty... Beside factory support, what I would miss?

Seriously I'm really new to fortinet, coming from checkpoints, PFsense or iptables. So be gentle, but frank. router login

Hello Yamat5,

Considering your acknowledgment of being new to Fortinet and the significance of FortiLink support for integrating with your Dell OS10 switch environment, buying from the gray market may not be the most suitable choice.

The absence of warranty, support, and software updates could potentially expose you to vulnerabilities and hinder your learning experience with the FortiGate device.

Instead, consider reaching out to official Fortinet partners or authorized resellers to explore other purchasing options. You might find reasonably priced, devices with proper warranties and support, ensuring you have a reliable and supported device for your learning and integration needs.

When it comes to network security and connectivity, it's essential to prioritize reliability and support, especially when you are new to a particular platform.FortiGate devices are powerful and feature-rich, but to fully leverage their capabilities, having official support and licenses is highly recommended.

You can access contact information for your local Fortinet reseller or partner by visiting the following link:

Shilpa C.P


If you can't license it, you are basically buying a router running an old firmware (vulnerable) and with no HW/SW support.
As explained in the previous comment, Fortinet partners may offer you a better deal and a solution for your network/security requirements.

- Emirjon
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