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Getting Error: 500 for FortiManager extensions

When I click on fortimanager extensions (sdwancontroller, forti portal) applications download successfully. But when I access through the menu the page shows an error as below.(image)


This fortimanager is deployed as a VM on KVM platform has full evaluation license.

Some outputs:

FMG-KVM # diagnose docker status fortiauthenticator: disabled fortiportal: disabled fortisoar: disabled fortisigconverter: disabled fortiwlm: disabled sdwancontroller: running



FMG-KVM# get system docker status : enable cpu : 50 mem : 50 default-address-pool_base: default-address-pool_size: 24 docker-user-login-max: 32 fortiauthenticator : disable fortiportal : disable fortisoar : disable fortisigconverter : disable fortiwlm : disable sdwancontroller : enable



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How long after you started the extension are you trying to access it?  Sometimes it may take a few minutes for them to be ready.  If it has been up for some time you can try to reset it and recreate the image.  


diagnose docker reset <container extension>


You can also check that you have the latest docker images:


diagnose docker upgrade <docker extension>



what kind of resources do you currently have assigned to your Fortimanger VM in regard to CPU/memory?  


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