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G-400F with three VDOM's and multi-VRF (200 approx) support

Working on one of opportunity where customer have three different entities and looking for VDOM and Multi-VRF solution.


Three VDOM's : 

VDOM 1- with 20 VRF's

VDOM 2- with 115 VRF's

VDOM 3- with 45 VRF's

Bandwidth total for all VDOM and VRF would be 1.5Gbps. This is for DC and DR setup


I have proposed 400F with HA at DC and DR looking at the datasheet and VRF support. Since 400F has NP7 process and it should be ok to go ahead with 400F for above requirement. Can you please advise if anyone come across similar solution and 400F would suffice the above requirement?



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Hello matthewv, Good day!


I think you should check the data sheet for 400F.

here is the link :

Also, You can discuss this with your sales/account representative. They would be the best guys to answer your question.


Thank you!

Best regards,


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