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Found devices with FortiGate IP address in Device Inventory

Hi there, I'm still trying to get more familiar with FortiGate that our company uses. But recently I found in the Device Inventory, there are occasionally some devices listed with IP address of, which is the IP of FortiGate's internal interface. Could there be something wrong that I should check? One of those devices is a HP wifi printer that sometimes has connection problem, even though I made a dhcp reservation for it in fortigate with another IP. I was trying to find a ghost router somewhere in the network, but in vain... Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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1. Check the ARP table on the FortiGate: The ARP table will show you the MAC addresses of devices that have communicated with the FortiGate. You can check if the MAC address of the device in question matches the MAC address of your HP printer.

2. Run a network scan: You can use a network scanning tool to scan your network and identify all devices connected to it. This can help you identify any rogue devices that may be causing issues.

3. Check for wireless interference: If the device in question is a wireless device, it's possible that wireless interference could be causing connection issues. Try changing the channel on your wireless access point to see if that improves connectivity.



Kindly check if NAT is enabled in corresponding policy for the devices which is getting Fortigate's IP address.


FortiGate when collecting information about the devices connected to the network and displays it in the Device Inventory, it shows its own IP address as the source IP for these devices. This is because all traffic from the devices on the internal network passes through FortiGate, and the NAT process makes it appear as if the traffic originates from the FortiGate's IP address.