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Fortitoken Mobile

Hello, everyone

I have the following problem.
I have the problem that I cannot assign the tokens (the 2 free tokens) to the users on a FortiVM.

I've already removed and re-added them.
I can't add them via cli either.

the VM is a Forti VM01

Many thanks for your help


As you have not stated how you are importing the tokens and what error message you are receiving, I can only provide the bellow generic guide:


1)Ensure you VM is correctly registered to your Forticare account.

2)Ensure your VM has unrestricted access to Fortiguard servers and has correct system clock.

3)Try these steps to re-download the free tokens.

4)Perform these troubleshooting steps. The debug output usually explains the issue in plain English.

5)Create TAC support ticket if none of the above helped you. Ensure to provide all above details/outputs for faster resolution ;-). 




In addition to Boris' update - if you have VDOMs enabled, the mobile tokens will be in root VDOM by default, and can only be used there.

You would have to delete the tokens and import them in a different VDOM if you want to use them there.

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