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Fortisoar deployment Q

Hi folks,

sorry to ask a probably dumb question but i just wanted to grab some clarification if anyone has it.

I’m looking at deploying fortisoar and It says it supports vmware and aws but no mention of hyper-v in the deployment guide. It seems to be an appliance to import in vmware, My question is does this work on hyper-v also or is it just an appliance to import into vmware? I also seem to notice it being a linux install and didn’t know if there was a windows version or if I have to setup a linux vm in hyperv and install it from there? Thanks!


Below given are the hypervisors supported by FortiSOAR, unfortunately hyperV is not included in the list.

Supported Hypervisors

  • AWS Cloud

  • Fortinet-FortiCloud

  • VMware ESXi versions 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5

  • Redhat KVM

  • Docker

    Also, there is no windows version of FortiSOAR.



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