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Fortios 7.0.x memory leak?

After upgrading our Fortigate 600E (two firewalls in HA) first to FortiOS 7.0.4 then later 7.0.5 we are experiencing what I suspect is memory leak issues.


Over time the memory usage goes up gradually to the point where the firewall goes into "conserve mode" and traffic forwarding stops. After reboot (HA failover) the memory usage is back down and then after about three weeks it goes into conserve mode again.


Anyone else experiencing the same problems?

Do you think I should just roll back to 6.4.x or wait for the next patch?






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The memory usage issues we experienced after upgrading from 6.4.x to 7.0.x seems to have been resolved with upgrading to 7.2.0 so I consider this case closed.

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We're on 7.2.3 and still having the same problem. 


On 7.4....10 months late...same problem. So happy we moved to FortiGate

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I'm still on 7.2.3 with 600E, 100F and 60F (all in HA) and have the same problem.
At this moment I have 3 tickets on fortinet support trying to solve it.
They send me a new IPS engine last friday because they detected the IPSengine process was using to much memory. After the upgrade the IPS engine solve the memory problem but today I received alerts of conserve mode because of WAD, so, the WAD still is a problem for Fortinet since a long time.


I know it’s not a fix, but my work around on page 1 of this thread will fix your WAD issue

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