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Fortinet HA Cluster active-active

Hi There,


   We have Fortinet Firewall 3815 series running in HA on active-active mode. We have connected each firewall to our HP core switch running in VRF mode. It is not criss cross. We connected like Firewall1 to Switch1 and FW2 to Sw2. Firewalls are interconnected, Switches are interconnected etc. But We cannot see the second firewalls link being used for sending traffic to LAN. Is it an expected behaviour? Even the firewalls are active active only one link from the master to switch will be used to send traffic?



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This is how it should work: Only the interfaces on one unit have traffic.

In my case I have problems in active-active mode as interfaces on both units are used.

(I have two routers with VRRP in front of the Fortigate units)

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Do you have multi-vdim? do you have  virtual cluster enabled? Are you running ACT-ACT with one vodka ( aka root ) ? do you have "load-balance-all" enable  if running HA Act-Act one vdom?


On the  the 2nd unit ( the one with little to know traffic ) have you ran a drag sniffer packet <interface_name" "not ip" and see what yo get ? Same for your hb-interfaces ?







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